Free Printable Maps: California Gold Rush Map

California Gold rush map images. Digging for gold and claiming stakes.
The California Gold Rush began after gold was first discovered there in 1848. 300,000 people flocked to California to get a piece of the gold action, from all over the United States, but also from other countries all over the world.

Few people made substantial financial gains in the gold rush, though a few did become very wealthy. But the Gold Rush was one of the major events that shaped the state of California into what it is today. In response to the influx of "forty-niners" (gold prospectors), infrastructure and the basis of an agricultural industry were laid down.

Here you can download a California Gold Rush map for further detail and information.

California Gold Rush Map images showing Sierra Nevada goldfields, and the Northern California goldfields.

Gold Country California Gold Rush map showing great detail.

California gold rush map showing major finds in Gold Country.

A physical California Gold Rush map showing the two major goldfield areas.

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