Free Printable Maps: Map Of Anwar Alaska

The ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge), or Anwar as it is regularly referred to, Here are some map of Anwar an area comprising 19,800,000 acres (80,000 square km) of Northern Alaska. It is the largest protected wilderness in the USA, protected by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980. But the act deferred making decision about the 1,500,000 acre (6,100 square km) coastal plain where oil discoveries have been found. This deferral of decision on the "1002 area" has caused the current
controversy over potential oil drilling in Anwar.

ANWR, including the 1002 area, is an extensive area of natural wonders. A large range of both large and small animal spieces live in the area, as they have undisturbed since time immemorial. Those in favor of oil drilling in the area say that it would decrease US dependence on foreign oil, and create jobs and economic activity in the US. Opponents of drilling say that the amount of oil that can be retrieved from ANWR is not great enough to significantly lower world oil prices, and is not great enough to justify the potential environmental damage to one of the world's most pristine and beautiful areas.

Below you can find a map of Anwar Alaska for your reference.

Map of Anwar Alaska showing the 1002 coastal plain of ANWR

Map of Anwar Alaska, showing 1002 area and oil discoveries.

Here is another Anwar Alaska map showing its size compared to the continental US.
Anwar Alaska map of ANWR and 1002 area compared to the size of the continental US.

I hope you found a useful map of Anwar Alaska. It seems that the controversy over the ANWR will continue for some time, with Alaska residents strongly in favor of drilling, but with newly elected president Barak Obama opposed.

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