Free Printable Mom`s Birthday 2007 Calendar

Don't be fooled! This Birthday calendar will last for the remainder of your organizational days. It is not dated. Taking advantage of the sale only guarantees that you don't pay as much as you will in a bookstore. You can record anniversaries, birthdays, or any other significant event. Each month has it's own page with the dates, written from 1 - end of the month, down the page. You record the important event(s) on the appropriate line(s). The pages are heavy enough that when I used a permanent fine-tipped pen, the ink did not bleed through the page. The calendar also comes with a hanging tab so that only the current month need be displayed. I have it hanging on a magnetic hook on the side of my refrigerator. The pages are attractive enough to leave it out as a constant reminder of who needs to receive a card. A great buy!