Can We Bare our Souls Through Business Blogging?

Tomorrow I am going to sit down with my COO and pitch and hopefully start planning our company’s third, and most important blog. Our first two blogs were created to help our customers and our affiliates, and fit more into the informational blog category. I hope this new blog will be more personal - a window for the world to look into our extraordinary company.

I picture the blog as a place where our top management will be able to openly communication with customers, business partners, business analysts, the media, competitors, and potential partners and clients. I also see it as a place where we can tell our company’s remarkable story – not on a static, boring “about us” Web page, but as it happens.

The question is, are we ready to bare our company’s soul to the world? Are we willing to take the time to do something remarkable? Are we able to take the possible criticism, questions and change that come along with this blog?

Animal Colouring Pages

Every child likes animal, here are some web sites about animal coloring pages, These educational coloring pages are designed to help children learn and have fun!

Dover Nature ABC Coloring Book

Easy-to-color pictures introduce youngsters to letters of the alphabet and many occupants of the natural world. They'll find that apples, artichokes and alligators start with A and the zebra moth, zinnia and zucchini begin with Z. In between they'll see lilies-of-the-valley, kangaroos, puffy white clouds, and other natural wonders. The book contains 30 plates of black-and-white illustrations with identifications. Book specifications: paperback, 32 pgs., 8 1/4 in. x 11 in. Publisher: Dover
Dover Nature ABC Coloring Book  Nature ABC Coloring Book ISBN: 0486444481

Google Doing The Print Thing

I think all of the PPC companies are seeing big dollar signs when they think about the old media world and all of the inefficient spending in the TV, print, and radio world. Google has already purchased a company that will give them the ability to let AdWords advertisers secure radio ads. Now it looks like they are trying to get AdWords users to toss money into print ads.

Check out this is the email I got today:

Subject: Update on opportunity to participate in print advertising

Hello James,

I wanted to update you on Google's ongoing auction for advertising space
in some leading print magazines, including Martha Stewart Living, PC
World, and Entrepreneur. We've recently extended the deadline for bid
submission to February 24th, 2006 to allow more advertisers to submit
their bids. As a US AdWords advertiser, you can visit, browse through available
publications, and bid for ad space at whatever price you'd like. If

your bid is a winner in the auction, we'll notify you and work with you
to deliver print-ready advertisements to the publishers.

Free Printable Coloring pages For You!!

Free Printable Coloring pages For You!!

We have Shrek, Disney, Holiday, Hello kitty, aimal, people, original, coloring pages, season, etc.

Dover Op Art Coloring Book Op Art Coloring Book

Let your creativity flow and color any way you wish These 30 original optical art designs, by Jean Larcher, have no traditional color associations and the only limits are those of your imagination. If any of the interlocking rings, cubes, and others shapes move back and forth while you are coloring, don't worry--some of the designs are also visual illusions. Paperback, 32 pages.ISBN:486231720. DOVER

Dover Op Art Coloring Book  Op Art Coloring Book

To print only the picture (no ads) - right click on picture and choose "print picture" or left click on the picture of the printer on the image toolbar -

Spy: The Funny Years

spycoversm.jpgSpy: The Funny Years
By Kurt Andersen, Graydon Carter, and George Kalogerakis
Designed by Alexander Isley
Miramax Books
336 pp., $39.95

Review by
Michael Musto

Now that Spy magazine is so long gone and deeply buried that it’s the subject of a new book, Spy: The Funny Years, I can finally, safely say I adored it. A breath of fresh snark exhaust, Spy punctured holes in all the right gasbags, shaking up ’80s complacence with searing gossip, juvenile pranks, and no apologies. As Tina Brown took Vanity Fair to heights of celebrity ass-kissing, Spy had the balls to knock those same stars down to the mud, including Brown herself. (Yes, Spy co-creator Graydon Carter poetically went on to replace Tina in her ritualized Brown-nosing—but we’ll get to that later.)

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Coming Attraction


Will movie trailers still be relevant in a world of iPods and downloads?
By Joseph Kennedy

Trailers are as much a part of the moviegoing experience as the popcorn stand in the lobby. But for some people, watching them is more and more like eating popcorn—one piece tastes just like the next. As a 2006 Variety headline complained: “Many pic previews starting to look the same.”

In truth, movie trailers have always shared a degree of sameness. A key element in studios’ marketing campaigns, their sole purpose is to persuade audiences to see the film as soon as possible. This is especially important in today’s movie industry, where opening weekend numbers are the primary barometer of success.

More than the sum of its parts

Top agency expresses ideas in new, more efficient ways with the Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe InDesign CS software.

Cisco ad

When he started his business in 1948, David Ogilvy intended to build a different kind of company. To be successful in the United States he would need a strong agency brand: respectable, high-quality, highly creative, and intelligent.

To that end, Ogilvy worked to instill the belief that the agency had to make advertising that sells, and the advertising that sells best is advertising that builds brands. Over the past 50 years, the company Ogilvy founded has helped build some of the most recognizable brands in the world: American Express, Sears, Ford, IBM, Kodak, Shell, Barbie, Pond's, Dove, and Maxwell House among them.


The move to lead-free is driving changes in every electronic manufacturing process, from procuring materials and components to optically inspecting the reflowed assembly. For the smart and the nimble, lead-free presents new opportunities to establish supremacy. Working with the best partners and accessing the best knowledge and products can secure your place among the new leaders.
Look for the DEK Lead-Free brand for total optimisation of your lead-free screen printing processes.


Lead-Free materials will have a profound effect on the pre-placement process. Stencil design and fabrication, process parameters, machine setup and – ultimately – machine design must all be re-optimised.

Printing-Machine Operators

When you hear the words printing machine, you might imagine newspapers rapidly rolling off the presses. But printing machines put words and designs on almost any kind of material, from plastic to glass to metal -- and there’s a person behind every one.

Printing-machine operators do more than run the machines. They keep a close eye on them, jumping in when there are problems, such as jams and ink spots. And they need to be lifelong learners, too, to keep up with new technology.

Print Job Outlook

Employment of printing machine operators is expected to grow more slowly than average through 2014 as the output of printed materials is expected to keep going up, but increasing automation of the printing industry and the outsourcing of production to foreign countries will moderate the increase. Looming retirements of printing machine operators and the need for workers trained on increasingly computerized printing equipment will also create many job openings over the next decade, particularly for those persons who qualify for formal apprenticeship training or who complete postsecondary training programs in printing.

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