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Wyoming is a state in the Western United States, which lies in the area of the Rocky Mountains, with the eastern section of the state lying in the High Plains area. It is the least populous state in the union, with only 522,830 people. It is, however, the tenth largest state by size. Its total land area is 97,818 square miles(253,348 km²).

The capital and largest city in Wyoming is Cheyenne, with a populous of 53,011. Don't feel bad if you've never heard of it. Most people haven't.

Wyoming lies south of Montana, west of South Dakota and Nebraska, north of Colorado, northeast of Utah, and east of Idaho.

For those of you planning on trekking out into this sparsely populated area, here you can find a printable map of Wyoming for reference during your travels.

Printable Maps Of Wyoming for travelers.

Wyoming map printable for reference.

Physical printable Maps of Wyoming for visitors.

Printable map of Wyoming state and its regions and counties.

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