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New Jersey is a state in the notheastern United States, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It also borders New York state to the north, Delaware to the soutwest, and Pennsylvania to the west. New Jersey is thus in the center of the Northeast Corridor between Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. which fueled its rapid growth and has made it the most densely populated state in the United States.

The largest city in New Jersey is Newark, with a population of 273,546. Though Newark lies in New Jersey state, it is part of the New York City metropolitan area. Newark lies only 8 kilmeters (5 miles) from New York City's Manhattan island, and only 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) from NYC's Staten Island. Newark Liberty International Airport is also one of the main airports serving the New York metropolitan area.

New Jersey is the 11th most populous U.S. state, with a population of 8,682,661. It occupies 8,729 sq miles (22,608 km²), making it the 47th largest state.

Here's a detailed New Jersery map for commuters to refer to.
Detailed street map of New Jersey

Here's a map of New Jersey counties.

Map of New Jersey counties

Here's another New Jersey street map for travelers to make use of.

New Jersey Street Map

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