Can you imagine your life without having a cell phone? It seems almost unreal, isn't it?

As for me, I can't imagine my life without a cell phone. When I left it home, it seems to me that I'm somehow abandoned.

Nowadays you can find a cell phone of every desired class, model, color variation and design. Clam shells, mono blocks, sliders, twisters, business class models; whatever you desire.
But today we'll tell not about a twister, and not even about a thin slider; our story is a bout a brand new form, new concept, new idea.

Samsung Serene is the gadget that is ready to change the mobile phone development traditions and design concepts.
Samsung Corporation with collaboration with Bang & Olufset gives us a cell phone with a very strange but interesting design. It combines advanced features and innovative clamshell design.

A word about its design: positioned as a clam shall, the gadget has very interesting buttons layout. The buttons have circle layout, just like on the old-school band phones. Serene is painted night black. The beautiful aluminum hinge bounds together Serene's two "shells".
Another innovation is that the microphone and the display are placed on the lowest shell, but the circular keypad and loud speaker are placed in the upper shell. It is like holding a mere clamshell upside down.
But this is the concept!

"Serene is the result of our vision to constantly push the boundaries of mobile phone velopment and bring to our customers unique and exciting products", - says Kitae Lee, President of the Telecommunications Business in Samsung Electronics.
Serene comes in set with a beautiful, styled Docking station, made out of polished aluminum. Another interesting thing is, when you place Serene on Dock, the phone can be used like a small Laptop.

In Addition:
Serene Designer: David Lewis
Serene Standards: GPRS Class 10 Triband (GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
Serene Display: 262144 color QVGA TFT screen (240 x 320 pixels, 2.1 inch)
Serene Camera: 0.3 megapixel, Embedded VGA (300K) camera
Serene Tones: 64 Polyphonic ringtones with specially developed harmonies
Serene Dimensions and weight: 2, 5" x 2, 8" x 0, 9", weights 0, 25 lbs
Serene additional: serene also supports SMS/MMS/EMS/WAP 2.0, E-mail with Outlook, synchronization, + supports Bluetooth Wireless technology, additional portable charger.

Serene will hit Northern American market this November, priced $ 1275. The gadget will be distributed through Band & Olufset stores.