iZoundz for iPodz and not only

Zizzle Zoundz for iPodsThe new Zoundz from Zizzle! What does this suppose to mean? I guess it means anything, but ordinary! A new gadget in the army of connect-it-to-your-iPod-devices. The name of this device already implies something to have fun with.

Sometimes I get dizzy when I see all of these iPod compatible accessories. They are so many that I get the thought there are not enough iPods to plug into those accessories. But I suppose I am one of the few who try to resist this iPod accessories invasion.

These gadgets are mainly for improving the iPod functionality, to make it more universal or to turn it into a party factory. However, there are things, which from time to time try to change our views towards these devices.

The concept of this gadget is quite simple: you should just have fun with it (though I am not sure, how long the fun will last). It consists of a white board with weirdly shaped and colored objects on it. Those objects are used for mixing the music you listen to. All you have to do is place the figures on the sensitive places of the 'mixing board' and the music changes its properties: tempo, volume, echoing. You can also bend notes reverb the music and have some fun with your teenage friends.

This mixing board should be very exciting not only for teenagers. When you place the objects around those places start to glow. This should also be of great interest for the younger audience, as according to my personal experience (and not only mine) kids always find it interesting to play with colored things.

OK, I'm off the topic! When you get bored with mixing music you could just plug the Zoundz into your iPod or any other MP3 player and use its in-built speakers to simply listen to the music. The lights of the mixing board will accompany any of your tunes.

After you have paid some 50$ for it don't rush to hand it to your daughter. Take your time to check it out and mix some great new hits.