2007 BMW HP2 Megamoto

I would like to tell you about a great 2 wheeled BMW family representatives. The new BMW HP2 Megamoto is a regeneration of H2 series. The BMW is positioning this bike as a supermotard / enduro class. I think it will be perfect for small town streets or even for a megapolis. With BMW HP2 you will forget about stucking is traffic jams.
And of course, you can fire it up on highways.

For me is nothing better, than going 220 km/h with a girlfriend behind your back; but wait there is – one quick shift, 6th gear," hold on tight, girl" and 230……..km/h.

One word about the design: we now see an absolutely remade design that completely differs from 2005 model. And I must say that the design of 2007 model is much more attractive, aggressive and it is in traditional for BMW white/blue/silver color scheme. It looks awesome!

On this bike we find some things that have become traditional to BMW: opposite cylinder layout, mono rear pendulum (BMW patented paralever) and cardan axel drive. As for me, I like Asian and Italian brands, and something more sport like, more insane (1000cc/320km/h from 0 to 100 in 2or 3 seconds Ducati will do) but when I saw this BMW, I liked it from first view.

Some details for connoisseurs:

Year: 2007 line
Engine type: 4 stroke, horizontally opposite 2 cylinders (boxer), 4 valves per cylinder.
Cooling: air and oil cooling system.
Capacity: v 1170 cc, positioned as 1 litter bike
Compression ratio and additional to that: 11, 0:1 with bore/stroke -101 x 73 mm and BMS-K induction
Ignition/starting: electric starting.
Max Power/Torque: 77kW (105Hp) at 7000 Rpm/115 Nm at 5500 Rpm
Transmission: 6 speed gear box.
Frame: the 2007 HP2 is made of tubes forming a spaceframe with non-bearing engine
Suspension front/rear: 45 mm UPSD gabe/ BMW standard Paralever. The suspension is perfect for streets. Big pendulum ratio will comfort you ride even when riding on some kind of bumps.
Brake system front /rear: 2 x 304 mm discs with 4 piston calipers / single 265mm disc with 2 piston caliper.
Tire size: 120/70 ZR 17 / 150/70 ZR 17
Dry weight: No information, but we think that it will be not more that 170 kg
Fuel capacity: 13 litter.

Conclusion: it is a pity that we still haven’t figured the price of this 1 litter monster, but one thing is for sure: the BMW HP2 seems to be very attractive with very good technical specifications. It's a smart choice for young, energetic people.