What will the future bring us?

No doubt, that in the nearest future some gadgets will change drastically. Mobile phones are getting thinner and have more ergonomic shapes; cars gain additional abilities and design concepts: all is getting smaller and thinner.

I will now show you what were are going to deal with not so distant future!!

I would like to introduce you 2 different ideas, 2 different design concepts; 2 different cell phones of the future! These are: the Onix concept from Synaptics Company and Aeon concept from Nokia Corporation.
Both phones definitely have futuristic design and rather interesting features.

And now, in all the details:
The Synaptics Onix is a creation of well known Pilotfish design studio. Pilotfish designers surely did a great job. As manufacturers declare, the Onyx is a cell phone of the future the combines an intelligent and adaptive interface and next generation user interaction design.

The gadget is equipped with high resolution sensor touch display. Onyx simply has no buttons. All the actions are made using graphic illustrations on the display. It must be very convenient. The Onyx concept integrates functions into activity based experiences. Such ClearPad technology is patented and can be used only by Synaptics. In my opinion, such technology gives an enormous set of abilities. Just imagine: you will be able to view all the details of the picture. Moreover, such ClearPad screen concept will give you the ability to easily input data using 2 fingers.

It is a pity, that Onyx will not be launched by Synaptics or any mobile phone OEMs. But without any doubts, the ClearPad technology will be used on other phones in the future.

The other direct example is a concept from well known Nokia- the Aeon cell phone. Thin, sexy and very nice concept! The design features a very slick body, without unnecessary fixes.
The gadget has a rather big touch display that is divided in 2 areas: one for dialing and all that is got to do with numbers and letters, the other is for data preview and menu.

Of course, we don’t know the precise release date of the gadget, if there will be one.
But one thing is for sure: such touch screen technology is spreading dynamically and is very perspective.
We hope that Nokia will handle with all that, and will give us such a beautiful phone.
I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!