Next McLaren F1. True or false?

I'm sure many of you know this name. I mean McLaren. Besides the Formula 1 team, the McLaren Company is happened to be the manufacturer of the world's best serial sport car ever built. The McLaren F1 is being recognized by many car magazines and editions as the fastest and most successful exotic sports car on the planet. And I can not argue with them.

I my opinion F1 model is the absolute winner by its speed limit (if there is one?), its unique design and pilot position. Without any doubts, the McLaren F1 is a truly born road and track king. It was designed and built to be the fastest. And it is (top speed 249MpH; from 0 to 60 Mph in 3, 4 seconds and from 0-150Mph in just 12, 8 seconds).

The most interesting thing is that the McLaren wasn't planned to be massive. F1 is the company's only car model. There have been no changes since 1993, just imagine that. A very strange politic, I must say. But when you sit in the F1 bullet you begin to realize why the developers have concentrated their attention on the only model.

Everything is just perfect there; perfect for going on the edge.

But not long ago I've heard that McLaren is developing its new sensation. Firstly didn't believe; checked it out for good; and yes the Mclaren IS preparing something interesting for us.

The new McLaren concepts have absolutely superb design... The most interesting thing is that the design and concepts question were settled by the mere students contest. What you see on the picture are concepts of the students. Not bad! The competition was held between the 39 students from Instituto Europeo di Desigh (Torino). The students have been divided into small groups (2-3 people) to create a 1:4 copy of McLaren of the future, as they see it. The main concept conditions were: the car should be designed to be able to go 320 km/h; the aerodynamics must be worked over perfectly and in all the details.

The contest had revealed three prize- winners: MP11, Manta and M Eleven B. All three prize winners had made superb designed concept cars in 1:4 ratios. But as you know it can be only one 1-st Prize and winner.
…and I'm proud to present that the McLaren contest winner is Belosio – Possidente – Terranova group with their M eleven B concept.
The McLaren manufacturers declare that it can be possible that some parts, fixes and settings will appear on the real McLaren.

We are impatiently waiting for second McLaren model to appear. Hope we'll see some similar details to M eleven B. and also hope that the future model of McLaren will be as such successful as the F1 is still is (since 1993). Good luck!