Embrio concept: Available in 2025

Embrio. Remember this name! Some say that this is just another silly idea because of its far release date. Some think that this is going to be the replacement for old-good Seagway. But I say, no doubt this is going to be a widespread transportation of the future. Light, maneuver, and consumes very few energy- this is what Embrio is, if speaking shortly.

Embrio is a concept of a well known Bombardier Company. Company that build perfect ATVs, Qads, snowmobiles and even watercrafts. With such a variety of directions Bombardier Co. manages to keep high quality level and even to design concepts for the future. Embrio is one of them. Almost forgot to mention that Embrio is an IDEA Awards winner.

Firstly, I world like to say that Enbrio was designed as the vehicle for the future. So, don’t even imagine to see it before 2025. That is the approximate date for Embrio's official launch. A little too far, don't you think? Who knows what will happen in 10 or 15 years?

Embrio- is a one wheeled vehicle. I wonder how people suppose to ride a one wheeled vehicle. Not everyone is a clown or acrobat to be able to balance on one wheel! So, let's take a tour through main Embrio's specifications and features.

The main concept for Embrio was to create an innovative, functional and exiting product for recreational needs and to find the "next thing" in recreational vehicles.

As for the balance, Embrio is using gyroscopic technology to balance itself and the rider on its one wheel. With all these the riding position will be similar to an ordinary motorcycle.
The gyroscopic complex and big set of sensors are working in a solid system to comfort you ride. The Embrio is a very compact gadget, its dimensions are 124 cm x 70 cm x 120 cm, and it weights 164 kg. The approximate maximum speed is 22-30MpH; but who needs more? But when Embrio's speed lowers more then near 12MpH the little front wheel deploys automatically to help you with braking and balancing.
Embrio's control units will be located on its handlebars: you will use left handlebar for accelerating and the right one for braking. Manufacturers say that this control layout is the easiest one for such kind of vehicles. That's for sure!

And, of course, Embrio won't use fuel. The gadget runs of hydrogen fuel cell system. I doubt, that anybody will use explosion engines in the far 2025, but who knows for sure? We'll see.

Embrio as well features a high performance braking system, active suspension, digitally encoded key, robotic assistance and even the night vision.
Well, I must say that Bombardier's concept amazed me much and I'm looking forward (till 2025) to test one of these.