Free Printable Maps: Physical Map of Europe

Free map of the physical features of Europe for download and non-commercial use.

Politically considered to be its own continent, Europe is geographically considered a subcontinent of Eurasia. It is bounded to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by the Arctic Ocean, and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea. To the east it is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains, and to the Southeast by the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea`s waterways. This leaves most of Turkey excluded, geographically speaking.

Free Printable Maps: South America Physical Map

South America is a continent located in the Western Hemisphere, and mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. To the west lies the Pacific Ocean, to the northeast lies the Atlantic, and to the northwest lies the Caribbean Sea.

Some of South America's geographical details include the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, and the Pampas grasslands. The Amazon River is the world's largest river measured by volume of water.

Satellite image South America physical map showing elevations with no country labelling.

Free Printable Maps: Africa Physical Map

Here you can find a downloadable Africa physical features map, showing the elevations and vegetation of the African continent.

Africa is 30.2 square kilometers in area (11.7 million square miles), making it the second largest continent. It covers approximately 6% of the Earth's surface, and just over 20% of it's total land area. To its north lies the Mediterranean Sea, to its northeast lies the Red Sea extending down to the horn of Africa, to its southeast lies the Indian Ocean, and to its west lies the Atlantic Ocean.

Great Africa physical map showing elevations and vegetation in green and brown.

Free Printable Maps: Blank Africa Outline Map

Here is a selection of blank Africa outline map with labelling. These are useful if you want to add your own graphics or labelling. They're also good for geography tests! So all you teachers feel free to download them.

Africa is the world's second most populous continent (after Asia), with 922 million people, or 14.2% of the total. The earliest ancestors of humans are widely thought to have originated in the African continent.

Free Printable Maps: Printable Africa Map

Here you can print a map of Africa or download for free. These printable Africa map images are useful for your own geography related webpage, for your geography class, etc.

Facts about Africa:

* The largest country in Africa is Sudan, with an area of 2,505,800 sq km (967,490 sq mi).

* The largest city in Africa is Cairo, Egypt. It has a population of over 9 million.

* The highest mountain in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. It's height is 5895m/19,340 ft.

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Florida is located in the southeastern United States. To it's northwest lies Alabama, and to its northeast lies Georgia. Most of the state is a peninsula extended south with the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Central and northern Florida are subtropical in climate while Southern Florida is tropical.

Florida extends 447 miles (721 km) from north to south, and is 361 miles (582 km) wide at its widest point.

Free Printable Maps: Printable US State Maps

Here are some printable US State Maps for you to download, organized all in one collection for your convenience. They begin with Washington DC (not a state), and then continue in reverse alphabetical order starting with Wyoming and ending in Alabama. There is also a printable US state map of all 50 states, as well as a US map showing all the state capitals.The US has 50 states, with 48 states forming the continental United States.

Free Printable Maps: Middle East Political Map

Here you can download some printable Middle East political map images. The politics of the Middle East is complicated, as is the job of drawing a map of the Middle East.The Middle East is a term for a region with no exact definition, and there are different opinions about what countries are to be considered part of the region. The most standard definition includes the Arab countries of Western Asia, plus the Jewish state of Israel, and the Farsi-speaking nation of Iran, and perhaps Egypt which is not in Asia but in North Africa.