Preview and Mix Page for Picture Calendars 2008 free for print

2008 Mix and Match Picture Calendar Page
This page has previews of the image on each month. This allows you
to mix between the three calendars if you like certain images better than others.
Patience, this page may take a bit to fully load on lower bandwidth connections. If all of the images don't load, refresh it.
(Hold ctrl, click F5) This is the best we can do to show you 6 selections by 12 months, or 72 choices at once.
Coloring Calendars. Half of our picture calendars are now made for kids to
color with crayons, or they can just be used as low ink versions.
We generally update picture calendars for the next year during July and August.
This allows us to use our most recent pictures and images.

Free Printable 2008 Links Monthly Calendars

Free Printable Easy to print basic plain calendars. Cheap enough to write on,
fold up, and throw in the glove box for future reference.
Nice enough to display in the office. Free Printable Monthly through 2007.
These are very conservative on ink usage to Free Printable and keep printing costs down.

NEW! Susan Winget Schoolhouse 2008 Wall Calendar free for print

NEW! Susan Winget Schoolhouse 2008 Wall Calendar

Grab your pencils and schoolbooks! It’s time to start another fun-filled year of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic in Susan Winget’s classic wall calendar, Schoolhouse! Susan Winget captures the joys and wonders of the special grade-school days through her colorful school theme paintings.

NEW! Islands 2008 Wall Calendar for print

NEW! Islands 2008 Wall Calendar

Harmonious places of renewal, tropical islands captivate the imagination and speak to the soul. Their breathtaking scenery liberates the mind from day-to-day concerns, and their relaxed atmosphere recharges the spirit.

More Island Calendar Titles

Free Printable Mom's Plan-It 2008 Magnetic Mount Wall Calendar

***Begins August 2007!***

This best-selling organizer is the perfect 17-month planner for Mom’s busy. A handy storage pocket, built-in magnetic hanger, 442 stickers, and extra-large grid all make it a breeze for Mom to keep track of up to five family members.sections keep everyone’s information handy. Finally, a calendar that keeps Mom's whole world together!

Printable 2008 calendar

Printable 2008 calendar from Calendar Lady Promotions. Printable, promotional calendars as company gifts for next year.
Printable Calendar 2008 range in more detail.

Free Calendar Pages

Your free July printable calendar features an antique photograph that I've tinted. A larger version of the photograph is available in the clip art shop.

Download the JULY Printable Calendar (474 KB)

Free Printable software : KinderArt® Printables

Welcome to KinderColor, featuring original one-of-a-kind pictures to print and color. We create all of our own coloring page pictures, so you won't find these great designs and pictures anywhere else. Use the pages to print and color -- or, use them as story starters, to create puzzles, decorate bulletin boards, or for filefolder games!

Note: These pages may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Teachers... feel free to reproduce these pages for classroom use.

Free Printable Coloring pages are presented as .pdf files. You should already have Acrobat Reader in your computer, however, if you click on the coloring pages below and nothing happens, you may need to download Acrobat Reader by clicking on the image below. It is a FREE and SAFE download.

Free Printable Make a Free Calendar

Free, Printable Calendar Templates
Create personalized calendars for yourself or for gifts using these free, printable templates. Add your own creative touches to make each page unique (Check out my decorating ideas and ideas from visitors).

For each month of each year featured, there are a variety of printable calendar pages for you to choose from. You can print out calendar pages that include coloring pages, selected craft projects, and special days to celebrate. I have even included several designs featuring the entire year on one page.

Click on the desired year below to see the options available.Free Printable one or all and have fun! (For help with printing your calendars, read this article about printing coloring book pages.)

* 2005
* 2006
* 2007

The Print Shop® 22 Deluxe

The Print Shop® 22 Deluxe

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The Print Shop® 22 Deluxe

  • 350,000+ Premium Images & Graphics
  • 20,000+ Professionally Designed Templates
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